Out of the office

Michelle will be out of the office on medical leave starting Friday, November 16, 2018 for approximately 2 months.  As Michelle’s medical leave comes to an end, she will call each of her current clients to enquire how they are and whether they would like to continue their work together.  During these two months, Michelle will not be reachable by phone or email.   

If you need mental health support

If you need mental health support, and if you have not made other specific arrangements, Dr. Ara Heghinian, a Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist at the New England Pastoral Institute in Salem, New Hampshire, is available for phone calls or appointments if you have a critical need.  Ara can be reached at 603-890-6767, extension 105.   

Staying Informed

A few clients have asked how they might stay informed about Michelle’s progress.  If you are interested, a health update will be posted here approximately  once a week.  You are welcome to check it if you like, there is no pressure or expectation to do so.  It is a completely confidential process.



We are so pleased!  Michelle’s family spoke with the surgeon soon after her surgery on Monday. He reported that the procedure went exactly as he had hoped.  Michelle is out of recovery, resting in her room; and, she even stood up briefly.  Such good news.

We all send healing thoughts of strength and courage to Michelle and her family!



Michelle’s pre-op appointment on Friday, November 16, went smoothly. All tests were sufficiently positive, creating the green light for surgery, as planned, on Monday, November 19.  

Michelle and her family are very pleased to be able to move forward and take the next steps in this challenging journey.  As previously anticipated, she is likely to be in the hospital for a number of days followed by approximately 8 weeks of home-based R & R.  



Michelle and her family report that recovery at home is progressing well.  Because of yesterday’s (Sunday’s) weather, she wasn’t able to do any outside walking but she definitely enjoyed the Patriot’s victory!!!  I’m guessing we can all identify with how hard it is sometimes to be patient with the often slow, unknown elements of recovery; but I’m sure, too, that we all send Michelle much good energy and support.  



Michelle’s family reports that she has reached a momentous milestone.She was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, November 25, and is now pursuing her recovery protocols at HOME!We are all so pleased


“Hello!” from Michelle, the recovering patient.  I’m feeling well enough to write this update.  My progress is slow and steady leading to my surgeon telling me that I’m right in the middle of the healing curve for patients like me having undergone liver resection surgery.  Blood tests and CT Scans all indicate my liver is functioning and growing as hoped. I’m getting a wee bit stronger every day though morning and afternoon naps are still a must. 

 I think of you all often and wish I could deliver this message in person.  However, I’ll settle for this technology-based greeting:  “Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas and a healthy, progress-filled New Year!”



Michelle and her family report that her surgeon has confirmed that her healing from the operation is right on track. The guidelines for these first eight weeks after surgery include walking, no core exercises, and lots of rest. All indicators are that her remaining liver is healthy and growing well.